Office of 多样性、股票 & 包容

在亚历克斯的RIC学生 & ANI大厅

The Office of 多样性、股票, & 包容 leads institutional initiatives that promote a diverse, 包容, 和 equitable campus community.

Our mission is to advance racial 和 gender 股本 和 social justice across the college 和 our community at large.

Fostering Campus Inclusivity

We promote inclusion 对所有 学生, faculty, 和 工作人员 和 members of all protected classes. We offer training 和 consultation, 资源事件,并执行 prohibition of 歧视 with the intention to foster a diverse, supportive, welcoming, 和 safe 校园环境 对所有. 

Our Centers 和 Offices

The Office of 多样性、股票 和 包容 (ODEI) is within the 总统办公室,是……的故乡 Disability Services CenterOffice of 机构股票 (第九条反歧视行动). 

Underst和ing Our 事件应对

Rhode Isl和 College is committed to fostering an 包容 campus culture that rejects bias in all forms, 包括:种族主义, 性别歧视, 残疾歧视, 歧视, 和 other forms of marginalization. 这 偏见报告制度 is one way 对所有 members of the college community to share their experiences of bias incidents.

All information collected here will be used to identify trends 和 patterns of bias 和 歧视 observed by our faculty, 工作人员, 学生, 和游客. These data will inform future 校园环境 initiatives.


More on Our Centers 和 Offices

Students networking in ALEX & ANI大厅

Disability Services Center

The Disability Services Center serves 学生 with all types of disabilities: mobility, 听力, 愿景, 电动机, 心理, learning (including attention disorders), 演讲, 慢性疾病, 以及其他条件.


Office of 机构股票

The Office of 机构股票 provides education, training 和 outreach regarding issues of access, 股本, opportunity 和 第九条.

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